Classical mechanics Lecture 6 of 16

October 5, 2012 by Multimedia Publications and Printing Services

Lecturer: M. Fabbrichesi , SISSA

In this lesson the professor make an extension of Hamilton's principle to non-conservative and non-holonomic systems introducing the method of Lagrange undetermined multiplier. He solves three examples using this technique, the problem of a hoop rolling down an inclined plane, one with 4 degree of freedom of a disc that can move in a plane and can rotate around the principal axis and around the center of mass and a more complicated one with 6 degree of freedom, the two-body problem with central forces , the motion of the Sun and the Earth.

Kepler's Laws, video of a lecture of the Yale University

In this Yale University lesson there are common topics like the problems of gravitational interaction. The three laws of Kepler that are stated and explained. The planetary motion is discussed in general, and how this motion applies to the planets moving around the Sun in particular.

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Classical mechanics

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