Physics of the earth system Lecture 1 of 18

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Lecturer: F. Kucharski, ICTP

Lesson number 1 (F.Kucharski)

Introduction to Earth System Science

In this lesson the teacher gives a brief introduction to the course. He will be using mainly resources from the web. In the first part of the lesson he gives the definition of Earth System Science, the elements that compose the Earth System and the goal of Earth System Science. Then he describes what is climate and the influence of the ocean on it. In the final part of the lesson the teacher introduces the carbon dioxide (CO2) problem describing the sources of anthropogenic (human-produced) carbon dioxide. The last topic is the evidences of global warming.


Introduction: Earth System Science

The Earth behaves as a system in which oceans, atmosphere and land, and the living and non-living parts therein, are all connected.
( Steffen et al, 2004).

Introduction: The Ocean and Climate

We are not merely inhabitants of a planet, adapting ourselves to it. Life has verily constructed the planet. It would not behave as it does, even in its deep interior, were it not for life. [Most of that life was in the ocean.]
(Oldroyd 1996: 297)

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Problem
The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Problem
What is the Evidence for Global Warming?

What is the Evidence for Global Warming?

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