Physics of the earth system Lecture 10 of 18

October 8, 2012 by Multimedia Publications and Printing Services

Lecturer: A. Tompkins, ICTP

Lesson number 10 (A.Tompkins)

Cloud Physics

In this lesson the teacher explains the cloud processes: (1) the change of phase from water vapour to liquid droplets or ice crystals; (2) transformation of small cloud droplets to larger rain drops. Then the teacher describes the formation of clouds, emphasizing that the formation of clouds is a small microscale process depending on small scale fluctuations in velocities and humidity as well as the aerosol density.


A Short Course in Cloud Physics

R. R. Rogers, M. K. Yau

Pergamon Press, 1976 - 227 pagine



Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey

J. M. Wallace, P. V. Hobbs

Academic Press


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